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Written By Kristy Cruickshank - December 12 2015


Shop Owner -Kristy
December 16 2015

It was lovely to meet you in Broome and great we could catch up at the markets down in Fremantle . Curry is sooo good when it has been cooked slowly and you can’t get much slower than the Wonderbag !! I hope your daughter enjoy’s her present..your family dinners will become legendary :-) Merry Christmas and best wishes .

Elisabeth Higgins
December 14 2015

Dear Kristy
Thank you very much for introducing me to the wonders of the wonderb ag. It’s fabulously easy to work with, it gives perfect results every time!! Everyone loves my mango, pork and coconut curry. Last night I ventured into Indian cuisine and made an eggplant curry, let it sit overnight and it was a delicious start to the day. I truly believe you have a wonderful product to sell, which not only makes it simple and easy for me in the kitchen, but also benefits so many other women in Africa, across the globe. Looking forward to Xmas when my daughter opens her present, cheers Elisabeth Higgins

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